DeLine Community Research Site


Columbia (94 acres)

The site is a collaboration developing outdoor research and educational opportunities to facilitate a better understanding of natural systems and processes. The site, which includes a cave, forested areas, and a creek, is owned by DeLine Holdings and loaned to the University for a period of 15 years to create the community research site, which CAFNR oversees.


4508 O’Neal Road
Columbia, MO 65202


For general questions, contact Dusty Walter, 573-882-4450


Research Highlights

  • Impact of land use on water quality and flow processes by collecting data from the area of Rocky Fork Creek that runs through the property.
  • Tree improvement, sustainable forest management and forest ecology.
  • Sustainable food processing using native fruits like pawpaw seen abundantly in these forests.
  • Positive health benefits from engagement with nature.

Extension & Education